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During their career, Fugazi released 13 albumns and EPs. Since several of those were later combined (Fugazi and Margin Walker were compiled to become 13 Songs. Repeater was later bundled with 3 Songs), and excluding the Instrument Soundtrack, Fugazi’s playbook can be fully represented by nine albums, representing 93 tracks.

Fugazi played all of their songs. With the exception to the opening (unnamed) track on The Argument, every song they released on an album or EP was played live. Of course, not all songs were equally likely to be played often.

On average, Fugazi played each song 174 times. Put another way, each song was played at 19.4% of their shows. Naturally, some songs were played much more frequently, and many songs were played far less.

Below we show the distribution of song plays. The distribution is heavily skewed, with a many songs being played fewer than than 200 times and a few songs being played more than 600 times. In our next post, we’ll look at the songs individually to identify those most frequently played songs.

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